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Holistics CLI


The current Holistics CLI version is: 0.4.0.


  • Ruby 2.7

Holistics CLI is an interface to Holistics Data Preparation module (like data transport, data transform, import).

Setting Up

Linux/Mac OSX

If you are using Linux/Mac OSX, we suggest you install Ruby with a Ruby Version Manager such as rbenv or asdf.

Please follow the instructions in your RVM of choice to install Ruby 2.7.4:

After you have Ruby installed on your computer, run:

gem install holistics -v 0.4.0


If you are using Windows, head over to: Official Ruby Download Page.

And download Ruby 2.7.4 installer. Remember to select the Devkit option for your installer so that you can run the gem install command in the next step from your command line.

After you have Ruby installed on your computer, run:

gem install holistics -v 0.4.0

Authentication (done once)

The next step is authentication. You first need to be granted permissions to have an API authentication token. If you are not sure how, visit: API Authentication.

Assuming that the above step is successful, you can access your token by going to settings My Account -> API Key. After that, run this in your command line to authenticate yourself.

$ holistics login <my_authentication_token>
Authenticating token...
Authentication successful. Info:
- ID: 1
- Email: [email protected]
Important - Invalid Authentication Token error

By default, the CLI connects to the Asia-Pacific servers. If your account is in another server (EU or US), you will have to specify the HOLISTICS_HOST environment variable in your authentication command.

👉 If you are not sure what server you are on, please follow this guide to find out.

Assuming you are in EU server (, the command will now become:

HOLISTICS_HOST= holistics login

You will need to prepend every command with HOLISTICS_HOST=

Alternatively, specify it only once as a global variable by running:


And you can run the commands without prepending the host everytime.

CLI Commands

Help Command

For general help or a list of command, run:

$ holistics help

Here is a list of some Holistics CLI commands you can run: [<img alt="Holistics CLI commands" title=)]( src="" width="873" height="228" />

Let us know what you think about this document :)