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Table Model

Knowledge Checkpoint

We think it would be best if you have a clear understanding of these concepts before reading this documentation:

Parameter definition

Parameter nameDescription
importAdd files to a model
modelsAdd models to be used in the querying
typeModel type (whether it is Table model or SQL model)
labelSpecifies how the model will appear in the Ready-to-explore Dataset
descriptionAdd model description
ownerDefine who should be in charge of managing the current model
table_nameChanges the SQL table on which a model is based
data_source_nameSpecify the database that Holistics will execute the generated query against (in the current model)
dimensionDefine a dimension.
measureDefine a measure.

Example Code

Model users {
type: 'table'
label: "Users"
data_source_name: 'bigquery_dw'
table_name: 'users'

dimension id {
label: 'ID'
type: 'number'
hidden: false // optional
definition: @sql {{}};; // optional

dimension email {
label: 'Email'
type: 'number'
// without "definition", it automatically uses the same column name as the dimension name ('email')

measure user_count {
type: 'number'
label: 'Count Users'
definition: @sql count({{}});;

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