Base Model


Base Model is a data model created directly from an existing SQL table. This is like a "view" of your underlying table which you can easily manipulate, annotate, add custom dimensions and measures to extend on the original data.

The goal of creating base model is to "load" an existing SQL table into the Holistics modeling layer. That's why it is sometimes referred to as Table Model.

Creating Base Model

You can directly add tables from your database to Holistics as base models by clicking Create (or the + button next to the folders on the left panel) โ†’ Add Data Model From Database Table

The model structure will reflect the table structure:

  • Columns in the table will be added into models as Base Dimensions.
  • Data type of the table columns will be scanned and mapped with the data type of related fields.

Refreshing a base model

If there are any changes in your underlying database table (columns are deleted, renamed, added and so on), you can refresh the model to reflect the changes.

When refreshing a model, take note:

  • If the Database Table has new columns added / removed, corresponding fields will also be added to/removed from the model.
  • If any columns got renamed in the Database Table, the corresponding fields in the model will be replaced by new fields.
  • If a column's data type is changed, data type of the corresponding field will also change.
  • For now, if the underlying Database Table is renamed or removed, the model will be broken and you have to manually re-create the model.