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Visualization is the representation of your raw data in graphical form.

By default, Holistics displays your report data in a table. While this gives you a full view of your query result, sometimes interesting patterns only show themselves when you give them shapes and colors.

Please visit the following pages to find out more about our supported visualizations.

Operations with Visualizations

Enforce a custom order for your Visualization's legends

By default, Holistics would sort the legends in your Visualizations alphabetically. Consider this workaround from the Holistics Community to override this behavior.


Error: Too many columns, not showing all data

This error happens when you add a field (which contains more than 100 values) to the Column Field (of Pivot Table) or to Legend Field (of other charts) in the Viz Setting.

Currently, we only support showing a maximum of 100 columns. If the field has more than 100 values, Holistics will visualize a preview of the first 100 columns. It is recommended that you use a column with low cardinality in the Column field or Legend field to reduce visual clutter, which will improve the readability of your chart.

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