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Area Chart

Area Chart is an extension of Line Chart. It not only displays the series of data points, but also gives you a visual representation of volume.

When to use Area Chart?

Area Chart is used when you want to compare the change of volumes over time between categories, or the distribution of categories as parts of a whole. Different area chart types will serve different purposes.

Standard Area Chart

This is best used to grasp the quantity progression over time.

Stacked Area Chart

Stacked Area Chart is best when you want to monitor the contribution of categories over time.

100% Stacked Area Chart

This is best used to visualize the contribution of categories, when you do not care for the actual raw number.

Create an Area Chart

All settings for Area Chart are the same as Line Chart. However, their use is a bit different due to the strong visual impact that Area Chart can bring to your audience.

Start with a series split by a dimension:

Then select Area chart, and map the fields to X-axis, Y-axis and Legend:


It is possible to add multiple Y-axes to an Area Chart, but it is not recommended because your chart will become confusing.

Styling options

To make full use of Area Chart, remember to select your desired stacking option.

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