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Geo Map

Map Concept

A Map is an effective tool for analyzing data geographically and gaining insights into spatial relationships.

You may consider using a Geo Map when seeking answers to questions like: "What is the geographical distribution of stores with the highest revenue?" or "Which states in the US have the highest number of COVID-19 cases?”

Holistics Map Components

In Holistics, a map comprises of two components:

  • A base map: Providing geographical information and serves as the background for your analytical data. The base map doesn't provide any analytical information. Holistics uses OpenStreetMap as our base map provider.
  • A data layer: Visualizing your raw data on top of the base map. It helps answer spatial questions by presenting a comprehensive picture. Holistics uses LeafletJS to draw these data layers.

Types of Fields

  • Location: This field indicates the specific geographic positions where the data points are located.
  • Legend: The legend field provides additional information or categories to distinguish and classify the data points on the map. It can be used to assign colors, symbols, or labels to represent different groups or types of data.
  • Latitude/Longitude: represent the geographical coordinates of each location.
  • Value: The value field represents a numerical or quantitative attribute associated with each data point.
  • Conditions: The condition field allows for the application of filters to selectively view data points based on specific criteria or requirements.

Types of Geo Map that Holistics supports

In Holistics we support these types of Geo Map:

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