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Geo Heatmap

Geographic Heat Map (Geo Heatmap for short) is an interactive visualization that displays your data points on a real map and signifies areas of low and high density.

# Create a Geo Heatmap

To create a Geo Heat map, the following fields are required:

  • Latitude: The latitude value of your data point
  • Longitude: The longitude value of your data point
  • Weight: The weight, or "intensity" of the point.
  • Label: Label to be displayed on the tool tip when you click on a point's market

Latitude and Longitude are compulsory fields, while Weight and Label are optional.

Styling options

  • Radius: The radius of influence of each point
  • Max Intensity
  • Show Markers: Toggle this on to show markers on the data points.
  • Auto Center: Toggle this on to center the map and zoom out automatically so all data points are visible.

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