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Customizing Chart’s Tooltips


Typically, when you move your cursor over a point on a chart, it shows you the value of that point.

However, there are occasions where you may want to add extra fields into the chart, providing users with additional context and details without cluttering the visualization. This is where the Customizable Tooltips function comes in.

How to customize Chart's Tooltips

To customize the chart tooltip, simply drag a field into the Tooltip area or create a new field there. Once a field is added to the tooltip, hovering over a data point on the visualization will show the values for those fields.

All fields added to the Tooltip area will be treated as "measures". You can further customize a tooltip by changing the aggregation function as needed.

Supported Visualizations

Tooltip section is only available for following charts:

  • Line, Column, Bar, and Area Chart
  • Filled Map, Point Map
  • Pie, Funnel, and Pyramid Chart
  • Scatter, and Bubble Chart

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