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Shareable Links

Shareable Links is a feature that allows everyone with the link to access reports/dashboards without a Holistics login account.
This is especially useful when you want to share data to external stakeholders (merchants, clients, investors, partners) by simply sending them a customized, password-protected link to the reports/dashboards.

To create a sharable link, simply go to the report (or dashboard) and click on menu Share → Get Shareable Link

Password Protection

Since the link is publicly accessible, anyone with the link can access the underlying data, and this is not secure. To overcome this, Holistics allow you to set a password for the shareable link.

When a public user visit the a password-protected link, he/she will have to enter the password to proceed.


For future reference, you can add some notes to differentiate your shareable links with others.

Manage Shareable Links

When you have many shareable links and need to keep track of every sharing, you can manage your shareable links via the dropdown menu in Holistics toolbar (Tools > Shareable Links). You can quickly search, sort and visit the reports and dashboards.

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Shareable Links

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