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How to create a Geo Heatmap (Legacy)?

From 26th March 2021, we have released an improved version of Heatmap. You can still use this document if you need to edit, explore and save any Heatmap created before this day (which we will refer to as Legacy Heatmap). Visit this document to learn more about the changes in this new version.

Geographic Heat Map (Geo Heatmap for short) is an interactive visualization that displays your data points on a real map and signifies areas of low and high density.

Holistics geo heat map

To create a Geo Heat map, the following fields are required:

  • Latitude: The latitude value of your data point
  • Longitude: The longitude value of your data point
  • Weight: The weight, or "intensity" of the point.
  • Label: Label to be displayed on the tooltip when you click on a point's market

Latitude and Longitude are compulsory fields, while Weight and Label are optional.

Styling options

  • Radius: The radius of influence of each point

  • Max Intensity

  • Show Markers: Toggle this on to show markers on the data points.

  • Auto Center: Toggle this on to center the map and zoom out automatically so all data points are visible.

    Heat Map styling options

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