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Supported Location Formats

When your location data matches Holistics' map data, both in terms of name and format, Holistics will display your location data correctly.

In case your location data does not match, you can correct them before importing into Holistics. We believe having one correct source of truth is more maintainable and usable in the long-term than letting you edit your data or manually map them with our pre-defined list of data every time you want to create a new map.

How to use this document

  • Hit Command/Ctrl + F on your browser. Search for the location name/code that you want to check if we have supported or not.
  • If we do support the location data, but our format is different from yours (i.e. Holistics supports "Australia" but not "Aus") then please correct your data and re-import into Holistics.
  • If we have not supported the location data, please fill in this request form so we can help add your map data into Holistics.

Supported location formats

All continents

Holistics supports all continents' full names and codes.

Australia is not recognized as a continent in Holistics!

There is often confusion between Australia and Oceania as a continent. In Holistics, Australia is a country and Oceania is a continent because Australia is a part of the Oceania continent (alongside Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia).

Therefore, if your continent name is Australia, Holistics will not recognize it and display it on the map accordingly.

All countries

Holistics supports all countries' full names, full names (short), Alpha-2 code and Alpha-3 code.

States/ Provinces of The United States, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam

States of The United States

Holistics supports all states' full names and state code.

States of Canada

Holistics supports all states' full names.

States of Australia

Holistics supports all states' full names.

Provinces of Vietnam

Holistics supports all provinces' full names (with symbols) and full names (without symbols).

Not supported location formats

The countries below will not be displayed on the map separately, because they are often the external/internal/overseas regions of larger countries. For example, Holistics will not display Guadeloupe (GLP) on the map because it's a French overseas region. It will have the same color as France.

Let us know what you think about this document :)