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Revert Changes


Holistics supports two operations to help you revert the changes you have made to your analytics code: Discard Changes and Version Restore.

Discard Changes

If you are not satisfied with all the changes you have made to a file, and you have not committed the changes, you can discard all changes. This is similar to the git restore command.

Click on the ... symbol next to the modified file, and click Discard Changes.


This operation is not reversible. Once you discarded your uncommitted changes, you cannot recover them.

Version Restore

  • Version Restore maintains version history. This means Holistics will take the code of the older version and apply it on top of your current code as if is a new version. Your version history will not be altered.
  • Version restore is reversible. You can choose to restore again to get back to where you started.

Step 1: Go to Source Control

Go to “Source control” tab on the left toolbar to view previous versions of your project.

Source Control.png

Step 2: Identify the version that you want to revert back to

If you have identified the version in which you implemented some undesirable changes, most likely you will want to revert to the immediate previous version.

Commit frequently with clear message
  • It is beneficial to commit frequently, so that when you have to revert, you do not need to re-implement too much.
  • Clear commit message and descriptions will help you identify versions easier.
Identify the version.png

Step 3: Initiate version restore

To initiate the version restore process, click on the clock symbol next to the version you want to revert back to.

You can initiate a version restore when viewing a particular version, or when viewing the entire version history.


Step 4: View restored files in AML studio

After a version restore is completed, your current version now contains the code of the previous "clean" version.

You can go to the latest version and jump to relevant files in AML studio using the link on each file.

AML studio.png

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