Week Start Date

(This feature is currently in active development. Please reach out if you want to become beta tester)


By default, Holistics considers Monday as the "start of the week". If this does not suit your organization's definition of week, for example, you want Sunday to be the first day of the week, you can easily change it in Admin Settings > Week Start Date section.


Changing Week Start Date Settings will affect the underlying SQL queries being generated for every report, thus their results. Please do this carefully and considerately.

How Week Start Date affects your report

This settings will have effect in the following scenarios:

  • Displayed date range in Week aggregation
  • Relative week resolution
  • Date drill

Displayed date range in Week aggregation

When you have a date or time field, and you want to report a measure aggregated to Week grain, Holistics will get the week value out of your date-time value, and display the start-end dates of that week. Different Week Start Date settings will produce different displayed date ranges in the UI:

Relative week resolution

The Week Start Date Settings also affect how Holistics resolves "relative week" filter values into actual date range.

For example, given your week starts on Monday and today is 19th August 2019 (Wednesday), last week will be resolved into a date range from 10th August 2019 (Monday) to 16th August 2019 (Sunday).

However, if your week starts on Sunday, the result will be totally different:

Date drill

When you use Date Drill on a chart with a date/date-time axis and aggregate data to Week grain, the Week Start Date also determines the week that the data point is attributed to.