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Development Mode, Production Mode and Deploy

(This feature is currently in active development. Please reach out if you want to become beta tester)


If you're familiar with git, each Holistics project has an associated Git repository. Switching between Production and Development Mode is basically switching from production branch and non-production branch of your repository.

Development Mode

In Holistics, Development Mode serves as a sandbox environment for analysts and developers to iterate and refine their data models and datasets. In this mode, you can make modifications and improvements without affecting the Production environment until you push the changes to Production.

If you decide to integrate your project with a third-party Git hosting service such as GitHub or GitLab, you can work on your isolated branch in Development Mode without affecting other team members' work. This allows for seamless collaboration and development of the project.

Production Mode

In Production Mode, you have access to the finalized version of your data models and datasets that are ready for end-users to explore and build reports. It's important to note that Production Mode is read-only, meaning you cannot make any changes to project files in this mode. This ensures that any changes made to your project are properly tested and verified before they are released to your end-users.

Preview Reporting Before Deploying (upcoming)

In Development Mode, you can see the effects of your modeling changes in the Reporting layer while developing.

Once you're happy with your changes, you can save and deploy them into production, where they then will be viewable by everyone.

This is beneficial for you to:

  • Check out all reporting items (in development mode) in the current working directory.
  • See how they are affected/modified by the new AML changes.
  • Check for models, datasets, reports, and row-level permissions that depend on or can be affected by AML models being developed in the current working directory.

However, while you are in the Development, you cannot modify any Reporting Items (Filters or Report Widgets) or Data Delivery Items (Email Schedules, Slack Schedules, or Alerts).

Getting your changes from Development to Production

Once you are happy with your changes in Development, you can Deploy to Production and allowing your Business Users to explore and get insights from the Ready-to-use Dataset in the Reporting layer.

There are some notes about Holistics deployment

  • [Only applicable to AML 1.0] Do remember to include the dataset you want to deploy in the index.aml file. For more information regarding this file, refer to the index.aml file.
  • If you do not integrate your project with any 3rd party git hosting service (GitHub, GitLab,...), while the project is being deployed, other people cannot save their changes.

Let us know what you think about this document :)