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Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel refers to a "journey" that a subject goes through in a particular business context. For example:

  • A lead's progress in a sales funnel: lead sourcing → lead qualified with a sales call → follow-ups → lead becomes customers
  • A customer's progress in an e-commerce's funnel: visits website → browses for products → adds products to cart → purchases → becomes repeated customers

The Conversion Funnel Chart helps you visualize such journeys and the conversion rates between the steps.

When to use Conversion Funnel?

Conversion Funnel is useful when you want to have full visibility on a process and see where to optimize.

Create a Conversion Funnel

The Conversion Funnel Chart has two components to visualize your funnel: the chart and the table.

The chart will display the overall funnel, while the table shows a detailed break-down of the funnel over a dimension.

  • X Axis: the dimension containing categories that you want your measures to be broken down
  • Legend: the dimension containing sub-categories that further break down your measures
  • Y Axis: This is where you place the measures to quantify the steps in your funnel. In the example above, we used Registered Users, Purchased Customers and Repeated Customers as measurements of our funnel.

Styling options

  • Columns color: choose the color for your the columns
  • Circle color: choose the color for the circle containing the overall conversion rate

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Conversion Funnel

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