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Data Connections

What is Data connection

A Data Connection in Holistics is a connection to a data source (for example: databases web applications, files...) so you can extract data from, or write data to. For example: connection to a MySQL database, a Google spreadsheet, a CSV file...

Holistics supports connection to SQL databases, NoSQL databases, data warehouses, applications and platforms. We roughly divide them into two groups:

  • Data Warehouses: connections to a database/data warehouse dedicated to analytical purpose. With this you can extract data from, load data into, store, transform and model your data.
  • Integrations: connection to databases, applications, files... that you only use to extract data from.

To get started with Holistics, you must connect to a Data Warehouse first, then add integrations to extract, and finally load data into your warehouse. This is because:

  • Holistics does not store your raw data, and
  • All transformations are not done in Holistics, but in your own data warehouse.

Please also refer to Connect Database for more details on how to connect your databases/data warehouses to Holistics, and Data Connection Management for details on managing your connections/data sources.

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Data Connections

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