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Default Configurations


This document summarizes default configurations of common Holistics features. This includes resources allocations, configurations and limits.

Data Modeling Preview

By default, Data Modeling Preview will load the first 100,000 rows.

Data Exploration & Export


Read more about Data Exploration here or Export Report feature here.

To avoid high load on your database and provide good user experience, the limits for data exploration and export are as below:

  • For 3.0 reports, the maximum number of rows you can explore/export is 1 million rows.
  • For 2.0 reports, the maximum number of rows you can explore/export is 1 million rows. However, there is no restriction if you select Non-select query option when doing a data exploration or export your report.
  • For Google Sheet Export, the soft export limit is 15000 rows. To request a higher limit, follow the instructions in this docs.

Job Queue Workers


Read more about Job Queues & Workers here.

Below is the default list of job queues and their default worker count. This is a soft limit, which means that it can be increased by purchasing more workers.

QueueDefault SlotAction included
Default51. Create/Update Custom Field
2. Refresh Models and Dependant Models
3. Run Adhoc Query
4. Explore Dataset
Filter31. Filter suggestion
2. Process filter in Dashboard
Report10Execute report/widget
Prefetch21. Synchronize Schema
2. Prefetch Filter Cache
Preview31. Validate Data Import
2. Preview Report/Query
Export101. Export Dashboard
2. Export Dashboard Widget/Report
Email Schedule2Executing schedule (Email, Slack, SFTP, Google Sheet)
Data Import2Executing Data Import
Data Transform2Executing Data Transform (or Storage Settings)
Validate51. Validate Table Structure in Data Transform
2. Validate Query in Data Transform
3. Preview Data Transform
Embed Analytics QueueDefault SlotAction included
Embed01. Execute Embedded Dashboard Widget/Report
2. Export Embedded Dashboard
3. Export Embedded Dashboard Widget/Report

If you want to enabled our Embedded Analytics feature, please refer to our doc about Embedded Analytics for more information.

Your account’s configuration might be different from the default above. Please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] to find out your current setup.

Do note that the Embedded Analytics feature utilizes a special type of worker called Embed Worker. They are separate and can be manually adjusted from the Embed Analytics Manager.

Slack Report Expiration


Read more about Slack-scheduled reports here.

The reports sent to Slack channel will be expired after a week.

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