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Geo Heatmap

Geo Heatmap Chart helps you visualize the interest geographic points and their influence on a map.

To build a Geo Heatmap Chart

1. Input

Your SQL query should return the results follows this structure

  • Latitude: The geographic latitude
  • Longitude: The geographic longitude
  • Weight: The weight of the point compares to other points. A point with weight = 3 is rendered exactly as 3 points with weight = 1 (at the same location)
  • Label: Info about each point

Example: These are the restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city we get from Google Place API. The rating column is the weight of each point.

We use the header of the 3rd column, the content of the 3rd and 4th column for the tooltip.

Geo Heatmap Input

Points are closer to each other will increase the influence area. Zooming into the map also causes points to become closer and vice versa.

2. Map Settings

There are two settings for the geo heat map:

  • Radius: The radius influence of each point, this applies for all points, not like the weight which is specific to each point.
  • Auto Center: Turn on this setting to set the center and the zoom level automatically, otherwise you can set it up manually.

Geo Heatmap Settings

Geo Heatmap