Release Notes

Product updates from Holistics team

  • New Feature: Pivoting Report Results

    We now support users to explore/pivot the report resultset directly. So that user can further aggregate data of a report table.

  • New Feature: Slack Schedules

    Introducing a new type of schedule which allow sending reports to your Slack workspace. See this documentation to get started.

  • Change: Dynamic Shareable Links

    Users now can make filters in shareable links editable. This allows viewers to process the report with their accessible data.

  • Change: Users Now Can Create Report Widget Directly From Dashboard

    Users now don't need to create a report beforehand when they want to add a new widget to dashboard.

  • Change: Users Now Can Export Reports Directly

    Instead of user waiting for report to return results to export, now user can export report result directly, save them a lot of time waiting!

  • Change: Option When Creating Table in Data Transform

    We added a new option in data transform, where you can specify an extra option to customize for table creation.

    This is useful, for example, when you want to set some other tablespace of your table:

    CREATE TABLE some_table(
      foo varchar,
      bar int
    ) TABLESPACE fast_sdd;

  • New Feature: Cohort Retention Supports Both Absolute and Percentage Values

    Cohort Retention provides you a toggle for you to switch between numerical and percentage display values based on the cohort size. It will automatically calculate percentage values based on Cohort Size rather than doing it manually via SQL.

    Learn More

  • New Feature: Export to Google Sheet

    We now support exporting data from a report to a Google Sheet. Learn More

  • New Feature: Report Explorer

    With the new Report Explorer panel, you can quickly view and switch between your reports and report categories

  • Change: Enhanced Query Editing Experience

    We greatly enhanced our query editing experience. Now you can see all your run queries, and pin them in the right panel.

  • New Feature: Support AWS Athena

    We now support AWS Athena source. You can now use SQL to analyze logs, and other files on your S3. Please see our setup guide.

  • Change: Holistics v2.0

    We just revamp Holistics navigation system including swift page transition, no page reload, and faster page load time.

  • New Feature: Upload CSV

    In additional to the CLI option, we now support uploading CSV directly from our webapp.

  • New Feature: Scheduled caching

    We now support scheduling pre-caching of reports and dashboards. You can dramatically improve performance of your reports and dashboards view by adding scheduled caching before they are consumed.

    Learn More

  • New Feature: Allow quick visualization of adhoc query results

    Along with table data, adhoc query results now can be displayed as charts for better data visualization.

  • Bug Fix: Fix corrupted Excel file when downloading report

    On Mac, when you download report Excel file, the file can be corrupted. The root cause is incorrect format style.

    This bug has been fixed. Excel download should work fine now.

  • New Feature: Data Manager

    We just released our new feature: Data Manager! You can now have an overview of all tables from your data sources. Learn More

  • New Feature: Import from specific Google worksheet

    You can now import from specific worksheet in Google Spreadsheet. You can select the appropriate worksheet in your Google Spreadsheet, then copy the URL. We will import from the worksheet specified in the URL.

  • New Feature: Support Pipedrive Data Source for Import

    We now support Pipedrive data source. You can create a new Pipedrive data source, then import data for Deals, Organizations, Persons, and Stages.

  • New Feature: Support Facebook Ads Data Source for Import

    We now support Facebook Ads data source. You can create a new Facebook Ads data source, then import data for Ad Campaigns, Ad Adsets, and Ads.

  • New Feature: Support Conversion Funnel Chart

    We now support Conversion Funnel Chart, a new visualization. It can help you measure and visualize the "conversion" rates between stages along the growth of a process. Learn more

  • New Feature: Support Hive on Qubole QDS

    We also released another new feature! Support Hive on Qubole for data reporting. View screenshot

    Learn more about Create database and Data Imports

  • New Feature: Support Oracle Database for Data Imports

    We just released our new feature! Support Oracle Database for Data Imports View screenshot

    Learn more about Create database and Data Imports

  • New Feature: Email Filter Permission

    The SQL filter permission now supports injecting the user email dynamically via $ variable.

    You can maintain your own user-permission table, Holistics will read from that table and generate the correct permission for each user based on their email.

    Read More

  • Change: Metric Widget Enhancement

    We just released some new options on metric widget in dashboards:

    • Support This quarter period
    • Allow hiding period comparison
    • Allow selecting period to compare with selected period

    View screenshot

  • Change: Cancel DataImport, EmailSchedule, DashboardWidget Jobs

    Along with QueryReport and DataTransform jobs, running DataImport, EmailSchedule, DashboardWidget jobs can now also be cancelled. Learn more

  • New Feature: Support Oracle Database

    We just released our new feature! Support Oracle database for data reporting. View screenshot

    Learn more about Create database

  • New Feature: Embedded Analytics

    We just released our new Embedded Analytics feature! This allows you to embed Holistics inside your web application, and display data to end-users based on their current ID (think applying organization_id = ? to their view).

    Learn more about Embedded Analytics.

  • Change: Adhoc Filter Support Previewing

    Adhoc filter can be previewed when being created or edited. View screenshot

  • Change: Parent-Child Filter Support Chaining

    We now support chaining effect for parent-child filters. Consider we have 3 filters: Region, Country and City with the relationship: Region --> Country --> City.

    When we set a new value for Region (e.g., Asia), available options for both Country and City filter will be updated based on the new region (can only select countries and cities in Asia).

    View screenshot

  • Change: Better Adding Report To Dashboard

    We improved the UI/UX of report widget dialog, so now adding a new report to dashboard is a much smoother experience. View screenshot

  • Change: Activity Log Management Has New Filters

    The new filters allow you to filter activities by actions, user, date and target, which is available at Activity Log Managament. View screenshot

  • Change: Improved UI Performance for Report Page

    You should notice a considerable increase in our Report UI performance! We've spent an incredible amount of efffort in making the page loads faster, the dropdown filter works faster for large list of items.

    Also, now switching between different filter values don't require a reload of page anymore!

  • Change: Support filtering for Embedded Dashboard

    Embedded Dashboards now support filtering. Embedded dashboard's owner can set default values for these filters (overriding shared filter's default value or not), and specify which ones are read-only.

  • Change: Dashboard Email Schedule Fail Fast

    Previously, when a widget (report or metric) of a dashboard failed, that widget would be omitted in the email content, the email was sent with the other working widgets.

    For this change, we will cancel the email sequence if any widget fails and notify the owner of the dashboard, so that he/she can login and repair the dashboard right away.

  • Bug Fix: Fix filter names using framework keywords

    Previously, when you name your filter names using some keywords like action, id, etc, this causes an error as it conflicts with the Rails (yes we use Rails) framework parameters.

    We have since fixed this, and now you can name your filter variables anyway you like.

  • New Feature: QDS Presto Now Supported In Data Import

    Qubole/QDS customers now can perform data imports to load data from multiple sources into their data warehouse.

  • New Feature: Metrics Spreadsheets

    We're excited to annouce we just released metrics spreadsheets. This allows you to build a perfect KPI spreadsheet for your management to monitor everyday.

    You can easily see your metrics by different time dimension, and compare it with previous time period. Learn More

  • New Feature: Support Detailed Row View

    In your report view page, we added support for detailed row view, you now can toggle this mode and see each record in a detailed table. Read more in our docs.

  • New Feature: Support for Geo Heatmap Chart

    We finally released Geographical Heatmap. Geo Heatmap Chart helps you visualize the interesting geographic points and their influence on a map. Learn more.

  • New Feature: Support Qubole QDS for Data Transform

    QDS customers now can perform data transform to pre-aggregate data for reporting.

  • New Feature: Add Annotations Support

    We finally released Annotations - now not only you can see your chart, but you can make sense of what's happening with it. Learn more

  • Change: Report Editor Has New Layout

    The new UI will focus on the SQL editor, as long as organizing sections on the report editor page in order to make this page cleaner and easy to use. View screenshot

For older release notes, you can access the old changelog page here.