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Filter Template

Filter Template allows you to create filters that can be used across multiple reports, thus saving your time from creating the same filter multiple times. The filters available are the same as report filters, which were explained Holistics Filters page.

How to create a Filter Template

To create, edit or manage your Filter Template, go to the “Filter Templates” page on the top menu.

The process to create specific filters is the same as report filters.

Pre-fetch schedule

Setting up the pre-fetch schedule will reduce SQL filter values loading time by periodically run the SQL and cache the result. The trade-off is that data in your filters can be out-dated if your underlying data changes frequently.

How to use

You can add it directly in Report Editor view

Or add in Dashboard:

When added to the filter list, the filter template is turned into a report filter and can be used normally.

Updated 11 months ago

Filter Template

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