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Display your data as rows and columns. Tables work well when you want to compare many values or view raw data at one single place.

Create Table

You can run Query to get the data table you need

General Settings

Drag and Drop Mode

After running a Query, you can pick fields or drag to Settings to display on your table


You can also create filters to make your report more meaningful which fit your expectation.


  • Aggregation
    • Total Row: Display total row of column
    • Average Row: Display average row of column
  • Misc
    • Pagination Size: Number of rows displayed per page of table
    • Row Number

Conditional Formatting

Allows you to specify customized cell colors based on cell values so you can quickly highlight important information in your report. You can either format individual cell or an entire row.

Single Color

Single Color Mode enables you to highlight cells with a certain color, depending on the cell's value.

Under section Conditional Formatting in tab STYLES in VIZ SETTINGS, choose Add Rule and select the column you want to format.

Result after Apply:

Then set condition under Format data if and Apply.

Color Scale

Color Scale Mode enables you to highlight column with a pattern of color, depending on the cell's value in that column. Cells are shaded with gradations of two or three colors that correspond to minimum, midpoint, and maximum thresholds.

In the popover, choose option Scale and set value for min, mid and max point, then Apply.


Color Scale

Color Scale