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Google Sheet Export Schedule


Exporting Report to Google Sheet is a feature that allows users to export data from a report to a Google Sheet.

Export a Single Report (Adhoc Export)

In the report view page, click Export > Google Spreadsheet

Enter the link to the sheet and click Submit

You will see a notification telling that the export is being processed.
When it has been successfully exported or the process has failed, a notification will popup to inform you about this.Note that you need to refresh or change your page to fetch the latest notifications.

Schedule Export

In report view page, click Schedules on the top right

Choose Schedules

In the open modal, click New Schedule -> Google Sheet

Select Google Sheet

Then follow instructions to setup a schedule.


We need your token to get the authorization to edit your spreadsheet. So if the token related to your Holistics account is not in our database or it has expired, a window will popup to ask for your permission. After having the permission, we can proceed to export the report.

In case we already have your token but the spreadsheet you want to use is not from the token's Google account, which means we do not have permission to access it, you will get this notification after the export.

In this case, you have to refresh the token manually by clicking Refresh Google Token. After this, you can enter the link and submit.


  • Your sheet will be overwritten with the report's data.
  • Your format in the spreadsheet is not affected by the export. Therefore, you can freely style the
    format to make it look the way you want.

Google Sheet Export Schedule

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