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Organizing models by levels

You need to set up a logical folder structure right from the start.

  • Naming folders: Prefix by numerals to sort by importance
  • Base Models vs Transform Models
    • A folder of Base models as standard (where you have minimal to no changes to the underlying data)
    • A folder of Transform models (More complex models, that contains pre-aggregated data which is not exploratory)
  • Archive Folder (for data models you want to keep, but not delete)
  • Children folders by Entity Type (Customers, Sales...)

Here is an example:

project-folder-name (root)
|- 1.Base models
| |- customers
| |- sales
| |- base_model_n
|- 2. Transform models
| |- transform_model_1
| |- transform_model_2
|- 3. Analytical models (Specific use-case transform models)
| |- analytical_model_1
| |- analytical_model_2
|- 4. Archive

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