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Holistics Docs

Learn how to use Holistics to allow everyone in your organization to get the business data they need without bothering technical teams.

What is Holistics?

Holistics is a modern BI platform that aims to enable self-service data access for entire organization.

In a nutshell: Holistics let data teams pre-define business metrics and data logic. Based on these predefined logic, business users perform self-service data exploration and build their own visualizations and reports.

Behind the scene, Holistics translate these operations into SQL queries and run them against your SQL databases. The SQL results are formatted and visualized to the end users.

Getting Started

Read How Holistics works, this should give you a high-level abstract of Holistics concepts and how it fits in with the bigger data stack.

You can also watch a short 1-minute Quickstart Video about Holistics.

Once you're ready, sign up for a trial, then head over to Connect Database to learn how to connect to your SQL database.

Sample Demo Environment

You can also play around with a sample demo enviroment.

Product Roadmap

We improve our product regularly. Check out:

User Community

Don't just learn from us Holistics, learn from other Holistics users too :). Check out our Community Forum to:

  • Get updates on recent announcements and feature releases
  • Request and vote for your favourite feature suggestions; this helps us prioritize the product better
  • Ask other users on how to do a certain things
  • Learn new tips and tricks on using Holistics.

Using older version of Holistics?

This documentation site covers Holistics 4.0. If you're using an earlier version, please refer to the following docs sites:

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