What is Holistics?

Holistics is a self-service Business Intelligence tool that enables non-technical users to create their own reports and charts without going through data teams, while still giving data teams full control over metric definitions, data security and data quality.

Once raw data is stored in a data warehouse, data teams use Holistics to model data, define business metrics, and prepare datasets and interactive dashboards for data consumers.

Business users are able to create reports and dashboards from Holistics datasets. They are also able to take advantage of interactive features such as drill-throughs and filters.

Quickstart Holistics

The following video is a brief overview of using Holistics to model data, create dashboards, and share reports.

Holistics Features

There are some of the most important and interesting features of Holistics:

  • Connect to a SQL database or data warehouse: Holistics is able to connect to a selection of databases and data warehouses, either through a direct connection, or through a reverse SSH tunnel.
  • Data Modeling: Before you create reports, you'll probably need to define business metrics and transform raw data into useable data models. Holistics comes batteries-included with a data modeling layer.
  • Datasets: Holistics datasets are at the core of our self-service offering. Think of datasets as data 'marts' โ€” containers that hold several data models together. You create datasets to share with non-technical users, who are then able to drag-and-drop from a pre-selected set of models in order to create their own charts and dashboards.
  • Powerful SQL editor: Holistics comes with a powerful SQL query editor, in case your data team wants to run ad-hoc queries.
  • Dashboards: Holistics dashboards come with many additional features, including filters, cross-filters, drill-throughs, and period-over-period comparisons. Each feature is designed to empower your non-technical data consumers to get the information they need, without repetitively asking for new dashboards.
  • Data Sharing: Instead of asking users to log in to Holistics, Holistics support pushing data directly to them via Excel/CSV, Email, Slack, Google Sheets, SFTP or Azure Cloud.
  • User Access Control: Holistics allows restricting display of data per record, row-level or column-level for business users.
  • White-label Embedding: Bring analytics to customers within your own application.
  • API as first-class citizen (upcoming): Powerful APIs to integrate with your existing workflow.
  • Code-based & version control (upcoming): Check in BI code into Git, track and manage analytics changes over time. Learn more
  • And more...!

We have a dedicated page for all Holistics features. Explore and earn your free trial now!