What is Holistics?

Holistics is a self-service BI & data modeling platform that enables non-technical users to get access to analytics without bothering data teams.

Once raw data is stored in a data warehouse, data teams use Holistics to transform, model the data and prepare well-defined datasets and reports for key data consumers (self-service analytics)


  • SQL-friendly: Friendly for data teams who enjoy using SQL
  • In-database Querying: Does not store your raw data, connect directly to your SQL database.
  • Rich Visualizations: support chart types, cohort retention, conversion funnel, pivot table, metrics KPIs, pivot tables.
  • Data Modeling: define business metrics centrally into a logical semantic layer.
  • Data Transformation: transform data into modular components for reusable and consistency purpose.
  • Dashboard Interactions: Interact with existing dashboards via drill-downs, drill-throughs, filters and cross-filtering.
  • Data Exploration: Ask questions and build reports without help from data team.
  • Data Sharing: Push dashboards/charts to Excel/CSV, Email, Slack, Google Sheets, SFTP, Azure Cloud or Webhooks.
  • User Access Control: Restrict display of data per record, row-level or column-level.
  • White-label Embedding: Bring analytics to customers within your own application.
  • API as first-class citizen (upcoming): Powerful APIs to integrate with your existing workflow.
  • Code-based & version control: Check in BI code into Git, track and manage analytics changes over time. Learn more

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