IP Whitelisting

If you're using Direct Connection method, you might need to whitelist Holistics' IP addresses in order to connect properly.


Please consult with your SysOps, DBA to help you to whitelist our IP addresses. Doing so ensures that only specific, trusted hosts can have access to your database.

IP Addresses to whitelist

You can find the 2 IP addresses in your Data Source Connection Form (click New Data Source to open the form). They are:


IP Whitelisting Guide

Using normal web servers

sudo ufw allow from
sudo ufw allow from

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If your database is hosted on Amazon AWS, but not on a VPC, you can set up a security group and whitelist Holistics' IP addresses. See the UI below (remember to change the IP address to Holistics IP, with /32 as the suffix). E.g:

(see Redshift Documentation here)