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What makes Holistics different?

Unlike other business intelligence tools, Holistics is obsessed with helping your organization achieve self-service.

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to scale a data team in order to meet the growing business intelligence needs of your company:

  1. You continually hire more data analysts to keep up with demand. Every request routes through a data analyst, and the bulk of the analyst's job is to act as an English-to-SQL translator.

  2. You equip a small data team to empower the entire organization to get the data they need. Some complex queries continue to be handled by analysts, but the bulk of requests are self-served from some dashboard, report, or drag-and-drop interface.

We think the second option is the more scaleable solution of the two. Holistics is built to help you achieve that second outcome, without giving up data security, data quality, or existing best practices around data modeling and tracking data lineage.

As a result of this obsession, our product focus, education materials, and customer support are aligned to help you achieve this business outcome, so that your business users are empowered to get the data they need, and your data teams can do more with less.

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