I don't have a SQL database

If you don't have a SQL database for doing analytics, consider the below scenarios:

I use MongoDB

Our bias is that MongoDB (and most NoSQL databases in general) are not well-designed for analytics purpose. We recommend you to set up a SQL data warehouse, and use an ELT tool to load data into the warehouse.

If you use MongoDB, you can use Holistics to load data from MongoDB into your data warehouse. Refer to this MongoDB guide for more information on how to work with MongoDB in Holistics.

I only have Excel CSV files and/or Google spreadsheets (no other database)

If you only have Excel/Google sheets data, Holistics might not be the best options for you. You can consider other reporting tools that work better with Google sheets/Excel like: Google Data Studio, PowerBI.

However, if you have other SQL databases and want to combine Excel/Google sheets data with them, then Holistics is a good choice. Check out our guide on working with Google sheets in Holistics.

I have a SQL database used for production

You have 3 options:

  1. (Least recommended) Connect directly to your SQL production database. This is quick, but it will have impact on your app performance as your BI load increases.
  2. Connect to a replica database if you have any.
  3. (Recommended) Spin up a data-warehouse and load your SQL data into it.

How can I spin up a SQL data warehouse quickly?

If you don't have a SQL database, refer to below to spin up one quickly for data warehousing purposes.