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Job De-duplication

If 2 users (A and B) open the same report within a short amount of time, there's a high chance a duplicate query will be sent to the system while the first query is still running. This unnecessarily overloads the system, and increases the waiting time of both users.

To avoid this from happening, Holistics has a built-in de-duplication mechanism, which works as follow:

  • Every time a query job is submitted, the query hash is used to look up concurrent running jobs within the last 10 minutes to find the same query currently being executed at customer database
  • If found, the job status is set to "already existed" and the job result is routed to the previous running job with the same query.

If the first job already exists and the result is stored in cache, the caching mechanism will kick in. The second query will not be sent at all, and we will use the cached result to serve user B.


The exact de-duplication behavior may vary according to your version of Holistics and your Report type.

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