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Job Monitoring

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  • This page is accessible by Admins only

How to access

To access Job Monitoring, go to menu Menu -> monitor Jobs Monitoring.

Or you can use the direct link corresponding to your workspace's domain. Here are the links for the common domains:

Monitoring Jobs

The Jobs tab displays in realtime every job executed in your Holistics workspace. It includes helpful details such as:

  • Source of the job
  • Timestamps (creation, start, end)
  • Durations
    • Pending duration: How long the job waited in the queue
    • Running duration: How long the job ran
  • Status of the job
  • User who triggered the job.

There is also a built-in filter to help you query the records you need.


The built-in filter allows you to narrow down jobs that fit your pre-defined set of criteria in the Job Monitoring Dashboard.

Job Status Filter

This filter will help you to find jobs by their statuses. To learn more about all job status available in Holistics, please refer to Job Queue Management.

We also offer two additional filters for common job status:

  • All unfinished statuses: which include Starting, Pending, Running.
  • All finished statuses: which include Success, Failure, Already Existed, Cancelling, Cancelled.

Source Type Filter

This filter is useful to discover all jobs that have been fired by a particular type of resources.

Monitoring Job Queues & Workers

In the Job Queues & Workers tab, you will find a listing of your Job Workers, including:

  • Percentage: Percentage of Job Workers that are busy
    • I.e. The percentage of Busy Workers over Total Workers.
  • Busy Workers: Number of Job Workers that are actively executing Jobs.
  • Total Workers: Total number of Job Workers that are available in a certain Job Queue.

Job Performance Analytics

Available in Closed Beta

Please check out our Closed Beta announcement.

Data Retention Period

Please refer to our Data Retention Policy for more information.

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