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Monitoring Dashboard

With Admin role, there are multiple Holistics tools that you can utilize to monitor operations on your resources.


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Activity Monitoring​

What is the Activity Monitoring Dashboard?​

The Activity Logs Dashboard is a realtime audit trail that documents each user’s activities, including what resources they have viewed/ made changes to, timestamp of dates and times and even their IP addresses. You can also use the built-in filter to query your desired log.

How to access the Activity Monitoring Dashboard?​

To access Activity Logs, go to menu Menu -> list Activity Logs.

Filtering activities​

The built-in filter allows you to narrow down activities that fit your pre-defined set of criteria in the Activity Monitoring Dashboard.

Action Filter​

All recorded users' activities will fall under one of our pre-set categories, which is helpful when you want to search by action type using this filter.

Below is the list of all recorded activity types in Holistics.

1View report
2Submit report
3Update report
4Create report
5Destroy report
6Export report
7View dashboard
9Activate account
10Add user to group
11Remove user from group
13Create user
12Invite user
14View dataset
15Create dataset
16Update dataset
17Delete dataset

Target Class Filter​

This filter will help you scope down all operations that have been done against a particular target group.

Below is the list of all target classes in Holistics.

No.Target Class
3Query Report
4Email Schedule
6Report Category
7Shared Filter

Job Monitoring​

What is the Job Monitoring Dashboard?​

The Job Monitoring Dashboard records in realtime every job executed against your resources, timestamp of dates and times, status and the user who triggered the jobs. There is a built-in filter to help you query the records you need.

How to access Job Monitoring Dashboard?​

To access Job Monitoring, go to menu Menu -> monitor Jobs Monitoring.

Filtering jobs​

The built-in filter allows you to narrow down jobs that fit your pre-defined set of criteria in the Job Monitoring Dashboard.

Job Status Filter​

This filter will help you to find jobs by their statuses. To learn more about all job status available in Holistics, please refer to Job Queue Management.

We also offer two additional filters for common job status:

  • All unfinished statuses: which include Queued, Created, Running.
  • All finished statuses: which include Success, Failure, Already Existed, Cancelling, Cancelled.

Source Type Filter​

This filter is useful to discover all jobs that have been fired by a particular type of resources.

Below is the list of all possible source types.

No.Target Class
1Query Report
2Shared Filter
3Email Schedule
5Data Import
6Data Transform
7Data Transport
8Adhoc Query
9Query Metric
10Dashboard Widget
11Metric Sheet Row
12Data Model
13Data Model Persistence

Monitoring Log Retention Period​

Refer to this table below for Holistics log retention period policy.

Dashboard Type Β  Β  Β Retention Period (months)
Activity Logs
Jobs Monitoring

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