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Components of a Workspace

Every user when login to Holistics will have a Private Workspace and Shared With Me section alongside with Public Workspace.

Public Workspace

Public Workspace is your company's shared workspace where certain accounts within your tenant/organization have access to.

Admins and Analysts can move their reports/dashboards/folders from their Private Workspace to the Public Workspace

Shared With Me

Reports/Dashboards/Folders in your Shared With Me section are items shared with you by another user(s). With these reports, you only have view permission.

Private Workspace

  • This is where you keep your own reports/dashboards/folders that no one has access to. Moreover, no one can modify, add or delete your private reports/dashboards unless they are shared or moved to the public workspace. You can also copy a report/dashboard from Public Workspace to your Private Workspace.
  • Private Workspace is useful when you want to experiment or learn from others when designing reports/dashboards. If you have specific reporting needs that are not necessary to share with your colleagues, it is recommended to create such reports in your own workspace to avoid cluttering the public workspace.


Are reports/dashboards and their configuration (email schedule, ...) inside Private Workspace of my users counted as objects in my pricing plan?


Can I move any reports/dashboards/folders from Public Workspace to my Private Workspace?

At the moment we do not support moving items across these two workspaces. However, you can copy any reports/dashboards/folders from Public Workspace to your Private Workspace.

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