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How to filter by a measure

Filter by measure is available in Holistics from 7th December, 2020

Filter by a measure is a common task to help data analysts answer questions like: "Which products generated more than $1M in revenue last year?"

In this guide, I will walk you through the simple steps to filter by any measure.


You have a data model as below

Table order_items {
total_item_value -- item_value = order_item.quantity * product.price

From that model, you have built a table with Product Id, Product Created Date, Product Name, and Sum of Total Item Value

Now, the question is: How to select the products with Sum of Total Item Value greater than 9000?

The expected result looks like this:

Solution in Holistics

There are two ways to get the desired result: using the dashboard filter or using the Conditions in visualization settings.

Using the dashboard filter

  • Step 1: Create a new filter named Sum of Total Item Value.
  • Step 2: Choose Number in Filter Type. At the moment Holistics only supports filter by measure for Filter Type Number
  • Step 3: Select the field Total Item Value, then choose Sum as its aggregation. Click Submit.
  • Step 4: Click on the filter, select operator Greater than, and fill in the value of 9,000. Click Submit.

Using Conditions in visualization settings

  • Step 1: Explore/Edit the current report
  • Step 2: Drag/select the field Total Item Value into Conditions. Click on it once again to select aggregator Sum. Change from Equal to Greater than and input 9000 as the value. Click Get Results.

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