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Filter with Condition Group

Knowledge Checkpoint

A grasp of these concepts will help you understand this documentation better:

Prerequisites for Condition Group functionality:
  • 4.0 version: If you are in 3.0 version, your team is required to upgrade to 4.0 version to use this feature.
  • AQL-enabled: Once your version is in 4.0, make sure it has been enabled with our new, innovative Analytics Query Language (AQL). Find more details and request to enroll in our beta AQL here.
  • AQL-engine Dataset: Currently, Condition Group is only available for datasets that use the AQL engine. Check out how to enable it with a simple step.


Conditions allows you to quickly filter data with simple questions. By default, the relationship between multiple conditions is always set to “AND.”

But when it comes to complex analyses, ever wished you could get more specific with your data filtering? Condition Group lets you:

  • Create “OR” conditions between different fields;
  • Nest multiple “AND”, “OR” conditions into groups.

How to Use

Step 1: Check for the prerequisites for Condition Group functionality.

Step 2: Go to a Report exploration or editing mode, then go to Conditions section under the Visualization Settings. Click Add Condition Group and start exploring!


1. Is Condition Group also available for Dashboard, and Data Alert?

At the moment, Condition Group is only available at Report level. We are analyzing the use cases and an optimal solution for this kind of filtering on Dashboard and Data Alert. You can keep track of our progress on our Public Product Roadmap.

2. Why can’t I find the Condition Group feature?

If you cannot find the Condition Group or if the feature is disabled, it is likely that your dataset have not met all the prerequisites. Check them out or contact us if you need any further assistance.

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