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Holistics FAQs

Does Holistics store my data?

Please refer to this documentation for more detail.

Is Holistics a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

Holistics is a fully cloud-based solution that connects with your SQL database. There is currently no on-premise version of Holistics. If on-premise deployment is necessary for your BI solution, please indicate your interest here and we will reach out if there are any developments on this front or if we have any questions for you.

I work for a big enterprise. How difficult is it for me to plan and budget for what I need?

We understand as we have worked with enterprises before. Contact us and we will be happy to work out a simplified pricing plan (Enterprise) based on your needs.

Does Holistics offer white label analytics and OEM embedded dashboards?

Yes. You can contact us here, to discuss how that can be done.

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