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Data Reporting Troubleshoot

Result data is different from your expectation

There can be some cases where you find the result data different from what you expected:

  • The result has less or more data than you expected
  • The result data seems wrong to you

In these cases, we would recommend going through the following steps to troubleshoot:

1. Check the cache status right on the right side of the Dashboard title.

The result might have been cached and you are seeing an old result. Read more about Holistics Caching Mechanism here.

2. Check if the Executed Query matches your expectation.

You can find the Executed Query in the bottom section of an expanded widget, or in your Job Logs.
If the Executed Query does not match your expectation, you should

  1. Review the Filter settings on the Dashboards (if any) and check whether they have been correctly mapped to your Report. Read more here.
  2. Review the Visualization settings in the Report, check whether you have the correct fields selected.
  3. Review the Data Models and Relationships definitions/configs in the Dataset of your Report. Common problems:
    • The Link Type of the Relationships (many-to-one/one-to-many/one-to-one) was incorrectly set. Read more about Relationships here.
    • The Relationship setup in your Dataset has wrong join paths. Read more about Relationships in Dataset here.

3. Check the data in your Data Warehouse

For example, you check try running the Executed Query directly on the database console.

Also, it is possible that the data loading process (either via Holistics or other tools) has some problems. Because of them, wrong data was loaded, or the data loading has not even been completed yet, etc.

4. Contact Holistics Support

If you have gone through all the steps but are still not sure why the result data is different, please contact [email protected] for further assistance. In order for us to troubleshoot better, please also let us know:

  • The relevant findings from the steps above
  • Your expected result, and how/where you got that result

Let us know what you think about this document :)