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Performance Troubleshooting

A. "My report takes too long to load"

Try to narrow down to symptom B, C, or E.

B. "My report takes too long at Pending status"



  1. Validate the cause using Blocked Jobs Analysis of Job Performance Analytics
  2. Possible optimizations:

C. "My report takes too long at Running query... status"



  • How to validate the cause?
    • Compare Holistics Job Logs against your Data Warehouse logs. (Holistics Job Logs are accessible in Job Monitoring page)
    • Compare against the execution/query plan on the Data Warehouse (e.g. using EXPLAIN ANALYZE). Learn more
    • Try downloading the data from the Data Warehouse console and time the download

D. "My query takes too long to run on the Data Warehouse"


  • The query is costly/complex and hence it is slow by itself
    • -> Check the execution/query plan on the Data Warehouse (e.g. using EXPLAIN ANALYZE). Learn more
    • Possible optimizations:
      • Pre-aggregate data
      • Use Query Parameters to push down predicates and utilize database indexing more efficiently.
      • Add indexes/clustering/partitioning on the Data Warehouse. Learn more
  • The Data Warehouse is overloaded
    • -> Increase resources (e.g. CPU, Memory) of the Data Warehouse

E. "My report takes too long at Processing result status"

F. "My users complain about performance but I don't know where to start"

Use Job Performance Analytics



  • Your performance issue does not match any symptom above
  • Or the suggested solutions do not work for you

Please reach out to Support for Slow Jobs.


Checking execution/query plan on Data Warehouse

  • Tips:
    • You can find the Executed Query in the bottom section of an expanded widget, or in your Job Logs
    • You can run EXPLAIN ANALYZE directly in Holistics SQL Editor with option Non-select query enabled
  • References:


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