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Holistics Filters


Help you and less SQL savvy users to easily customize reports to obtain the specific results that you want to extract from your data, for easier data exploration

Tutorial video is coming soon

How to use

To create filters for your report, please follow these steps:

1. Create Filter Value

In Report Editor View, create filters by clicking add from the filters pannel

There are 2 filter concepts

  • Shared Filter: can be used in multiple reports/dashboards
  • Adhoc Filter: can be used in only one report/dashboard, where it belongs to

Fill required inputs for your filters

  • Filter type
  • Variable name: to use in your SQL as variable
  • Label: For display purpose
  • Config: configure the value and display of your filter variable

2. Add Filter Value into your SQL

3. Save report and enjoy using your filters

Filter Types

Holistics Filters