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Holistics Filters


Help you and less SQL savvy users to easily customize reports to obtain the specific results that you want to extract from your data, for easier data exploration

You can refer to our video guide here for reference on inserting filters into your Holistics reports (note: video is in an earlier Holistics UI, though the logic remains the same).

How to use

1. Create Filter Value

In Report Editor View, create filters by clicking add from the filters panel

Fill required inputs for your filters

  • Filter type: Date/DateRange/Dropdown/Text Input/List Input
  • Variable name: to use in your SQL as variable
  • Label: For display purpose
  • Config: configure the value and display of your filter variable

2. Add Filter Value into your SQL

3. Save report and enjoy using your filters

Filter Templates

Filter Template is a set of predefined settings for a filter which could be shared across multiple reports.

When you update a Filter Template's settings, all the filters based on that template will be updated accordingly.

Filter Types

Filter Permission

Sometimes you need to share a dashboard to many groups/users and want to filter permission on each group/user, such as:

  • If the user is in group Marketing, it will show the data for marketing (Customer engagement, Conversion rates...) only.
  • If the user is in group Sales, it will show the data for sales (Sales lead, Sales won...) only.
  • If the user is in group Director or the email is admin@company.com, it will show the data for both marketing and sales.
  • If the user is in group Investor, it will show the data for both marketing and sales in the last 6 months only.

Permissions can be included into text input, date and dropdown filters. You can expand the Permissions section when creating/editing filter. See the guide here.

Holistics Filters

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