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Canvas Dashboard


This is a beta feature that's subject to additional functionalities and iterative changes.

To get access, sign up here: Canvas Dashboard Early Interest Form.


Canvas Dashboard is one type of Holistics Analytics Page. It’s a curated collection of interactive Analytics Blocks on a blank canvas.

With Canvas Dashboard, you have greater control over the presentation of information. You can easily develop a wide range of presentations to satisfy your reporting needs, from executive dashboards, narrative reports and beyond.

Canvas Dashboard also incorporates Analytics As-code power, which enables declarative as-code definition, version control, and reusability.

Differences between Canvas dashboard and Dashboard 3.0

Canvas DashboardDashboard 3.0
LayoutFreely arrange visualizations, texts, filters, etc. anywhere on CanvasVisualizations, texts are arranged onto a fixed-size grids. Filters and dashboard controls are always on top
As-code definitionDeclarative AML as-code definitionNot supported
ReusabilityInherit AML’s reusabilityNot supported
Version controlVersion control with Git integrationNot supported
Development experienceDevelop dashboard in Modeling layer
Changes are applied after deploying to production
Develop dashboard in Reporting layer
Changes are automatically applied
View & Interaction
Responsiveness & ScalingKeep the dashboard ratio. Allow users to zoom in/out the dashboard to fit their screen.
Control the size of canvas in pixels
Auto-resize the dashboard to fit the users’ screen. Dashboards look differently in different screens
Dashboard controls: Filters, Period Comparison, Date DrillsPlace anywhere within dashboard
Support easy reset to default values
Always stay on top of dashboard
Manually reset to default values
Cross-filteringSupport ability to selectively apply/exclude cross-filtering to a subset of visualizations
Cross-filtering triggers when click on Apply controls
When enabled, cross-filtering is applied to the whole dashboard (among visualizations using the same datasets)
Cross-filtering automatically triggers on click
Drill-throughComing soon in Q2 2024Support Drill-through between multiple Dashboard 3.0
ExportExport dashboard: Support export as PNG/PDF
Export visualizations: Coming soon in Q2 2024
Export dashboard: Support export as PNG/PDF
Export visualizations: Support export as PDF/Excel/csv
Data SchedulesComing soon in Q2 2024Support send to Email / Slack / Google Sheets / SFTP
Data AlertsSupport send alerts to Email / Slack / Webhook
Embedded AnalyticsSupport create Embed Link in Dashboard Preferences
Explore data from dashboardsAdmin, Analyst, and Explorer can explore a visualization in a dashboard, but CANNOT save the exploration resultsAdmin, Analyst, and Explorer can explore a visualization in a dashboard, and save the exploration results to another dashboard
Private dashboardsNot available yetAdmin, Analyst, and Explorer can create new dashboards in private workspace


How can I get access to the Canvas Dashboard?

Canvas Dashboard is in Beta development phase. To get access:

We're currently using Dashboard 3.0. What will happen to our existing dashboards when we gain access to the Canvas dashboard?

There will be no changes. All existing Dashboard 3.0 remain unaffected. You can continue to create new Dashboard 3.0 in the Reporting layer as usual.

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