Export Reports to Google Sheets


In Holistics, Google Sheets Schedules allow you to automatically export data from a report/chart widget to a Google spreadsheet.

This is useful when you want to push raw data from your database into google sheets, so that you can perform further reporting calculation within Google Sheets itself.

How It Works

In dashboard view page, click Schedules on the top right > Select Google Spreadsheet, then follow the instructions:

  • Destination sheet & Worksheet: Select a spreadsheet and specific worksheet to which you want to export data.
  • Exported widget: Select the widget that you want to export to spreadsheet
  • Configure the exporting time and filters for your schedule

Do note that at the moment, only the underlying data behind the charts/widgets will be exported. No charts or pivot table will be exported.


Will the entire Google Spreadsheet document (with multiple sheets) be overriden?

No. Each schedule will export data from a single chart widget into a single sheet in your spreadsheet document. The other sheets will remain intact.

Row limits when exporting

The maximum number of records that are pushed to Google Sheet is 15,000 per execution. This is a limit imposed to prevent timeout and over-exceeding quota on Google Sheets API.

If you need to increase this number for your account, please contact us via [email protected].

Google Authentication Permission

When you first create a Google Sheet schedule, we will ask you for the permission to get access to your Google Drive. The credential token is kept to keep the schedule run recurringly. If you encounter any permission issue, please simply refresh the token again.

Can other Holistics' users use my Google authentication credentials?

We link the Google credential token only to your Holistics account and will not share the token with anyone. It means if your colleagues also have a Holistics account, they will not reuse your token but instead, they will need to go through the process of generating their own token.