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Disable Dashboard Auto-run


Holistics Dashboards, by default, automatically run its widgets when a user visits the Dashboard.

Most often, this is the desired behavior so that the user can access the Dashboard contents as quickly as possible. However, in some cases, this can be quite problematic:

  • Users might not want the default view of the Dashboard. Instead, they want to apply some filters first.
  • Users might just happen to be browsing around the Dashboards. They do not actually want to run the Dashboard.

In those cases, the Dashboard would unnecessarily run the widgets and:

  • Cost the user unnecessary wait time
  • Yield unnecessary load on your Data Warehouse
  • Spawn unnecessary Jobs that occupy your Job Workers

This is where Dashboard Auto-run Disablement comes in and help you avoid the above problems.

How to disable Dashboard Auto-run

You can disable Auto-run for each individual dashboard.

Video Tutorial

Video timestamps:

  • 0:00 - 0:10: How to disable Dashboard Auto-run in the Dashboard Preferences
  • 0:10 - 0:25: How a Dashboard with Disabled Auto-run works


  1. Go to Dashboard Preferences -> General
  2. Change the Dashboard Auto-run mode to Off and Save Changes.
  3. Refresh the dashboard for the change to take effect.

How it works

With Disabled Auto-run, the Dashboard will not run any widget until the user makes an explicit run action such as:

  • Click Run Dashboard button at the bottom
  • Submit Filters
  • Click Refresh button on the right side of Dashboard Title

Note that the setting will not be applied in

  • Shareable Links
  • Embed Links
  • or when the Dashboard URL has pre-applied filters.

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